Adam’s adventures in pursuit of bugs have brought him to the TEDx stage, and served as the basis for Bug Bites, his show on PBS & KCET. His career spans research with MBL, OIST, Harvard, Duke, Stanford, & NASA Astrobiology. He was named a Discovery Channel Science Superstar for his work as a science teacher.


When black rats encountered his once thriving civilization, Harv was one of just 24 Lord Howe Island stick insects to escape the sudden onslaught of insatiable predators. Now he tries to live life to its fullest, always up for exploration and new opportunities. He and Adam met when Adam was hot air ballooning over Ball’s Pyramid, and stayed friends ever since.


Meet the Cast of The Buzz!

You are part of an elite science unit, dedicated to solving- Um, what’s that? You’re here because your mom signed you up? Truth is, there are countless, different Yous. But there are some things that unite you all. You’re here, you’re smart, and you have the ability to be the change you want to see in the world. So let’s examine how that world works.


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